Monday, February 8, 2016

Bernie Sanders on Veteran Suicide

Dipto Islam, Feb 8, 2016

“Some 500,000 men and women have come back from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or TBI (traumatic brain injuries)”, Sanders claimed on CNN in October. “The cost of war, I think, is a lot heavier and more tragic than many people realize.” And Bernie’s Sanders’ claim was not exaggerated. Around 390,000 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD sought care at Veteran Affairs (VA) run facilities, while 50% of the veterans with PTSD do not seek treatment.

Recent statistical studies show that rates of veteran suicide are much higher than previously thought, as much as five to eight thousand a year (22 a day, up from a low of 18-a-year in 2007, based on a 2012 VA Suicide Data Report). “The suicide rate, especially among young veterans, is tragically high and we have to do everything we can to lower it,” Sanders said. “Overall, I believe that the VA is doing a good job in providing mental health services for veterans, but we have to do better.”

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