Sunday, May 29, 2016

Be Like Bernie: Help Build the Revolutionary Political Infrastructure

 Christine Chaplik/ Dipto Islam, May 29, 2016

The candidacy of Bernie Sanders has already won by “enlarging America’s political conversation and possibilities,” by beating back elite establishment corporate centrism and by empowering the American progressive movement to learn that they have a voice. It is high time for Bernie Sanders’ supporters that they rise up for all of America and keep rising up every now and then for the sake both present and future America. If Bernie Sanders is not the Democratic nominee for president, let’s make future ballot boxes feel the political revolution that Bernie Sanders began. One way to do that is to expand the revolutionary political network under the guidance of the visionary leadership such as that of Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has already begun to expand the revolutionary political network by helping upstart progressive congressional candidates and state legislators, lending his fundraising prowess and national fame to boost their bids in his continued efforts to revitalize the party with politically progressive candidates. Sanders's candidacy has given them a prominent national messenger. His supports to progressive congressional candidates and state legislators can help build infrastructure for progressives running at every level. 

Sanders’ campaign is about “not me, us.” His candidacy is not only about winning this November general election or defeating persons like Trump, it is also about electing candidates who will fight fearlessly to defeat everything that people like Trump represents and uphold people’s interest even when it means going against billionaire class.

"Bernie believes that the path toward bold change requires leaders to take back control of state capitols around the country and ensure fair redistricting in 2020," his campaign manager Jeff Weaver said in a statement Tuesday, 24 May 2016.

For candidates who have received Sanders’ endorsement, it's changed the trajectory of their campaign almost overnight. It helped them expand their campaign and made them able to compete against very, very big money interests. Due to Sanders's rise, issues all these progressive candidates have long been talking, issues that matter to the everyday person like a minimum wage increase and Wall Street reform will now stay in the forefront. Those issues haven’t become popular all of sudden. They have been there all these times. Now, because of Bernie, people are starting to make connection between those issues and candidates.
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"He's bringing this national attention to down-ballot races and the importance of state legislative races. He's saying that it isn't just about the presidency," Taylor said.

It is high time for Bernie Sanders’ supporters that they help build the revolutionary political infrastructure by supporting upstart progressive congressional candidates and state legislators.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Delusional Thinking

by Paula Sayles, March 25, 2016 

Establishment Democrats are prematurely calling for Bernie Sanders to step out of the race and for his supporters to line up for Hillary.  The Democratic Party is delusional if it thinks that the people who are supporting Sanders will just come happily into the corporate Democrat fold and vote for Hillary.  Sanders supporters have many reasons not to support Hillary and the Democratic Party.

Many Sanders supporters felt abandoned by the Democratic Party since the Clintons steered it away from its support of the working class back in the nineties.  The party and both Clintons have enjoyed the support of unions, but have not done much to repay that support.  The radical trade agreements that continue to force American workers into a global race to the bottom of wages and quality of life have been supported, advanced and passed by establishment Democrats and both Clintons. 

Sanders supporters share strong progressive values evident in policies that support social safety net programs and healthcare for all.  Many feel strongly that the Democratic Party has abandoned these values and is no longer focused on The People.  These values are not evident to Sanders supporters anywhere in Hillary’s record or in her current policies.  If they had been, his supporters would have been supporting her instead of him.  Yet, the party seems to think that Sanders supporters will just put aside the very values and policies that have attracted first-time voters and long-time non-voters into the Sanders movement in order to vote for Hillary. 

As much as she has tried to copy Bernie's platform, Hillary’s policy platform is not the same as Bernie's. She has stated as much when she has repeatedly said that his plans are unrealistic.  If her policy platform were the same as his, she would be condemning her own platform with that statement. 

She won't work toward single payer healthcare.  She famously said, “Single Payer Healthcare will never, ever happen.”BUT, after that went over like a lead balloon, she then said that she is working toward single payer in the long term.  Remember that Obama said he would support it, too, and he could have; but he didn't. This is because Clinton and Obama are both political centrists that practice incrementalism.  Clinton promises baby steps when so many in this country are living on the edge.  The people of this country have patiently waited for the baby steps to provide some relief and they can wait no longer.  If anything is unrealistic, it is the belief that Sanders supporters will just settle for an ACA expansion when they believe that we can have the cost savings and eventual cost controls that come with single payer.

Hillary won't break up the big banks; she says that it isn't necessary and pretends that her Wall Street platform is more "comprehensive." But that is only true if, by comprehensive, you mean detailed and bureaucratic.Her plan basically leaves oversight in the hands of Wall Street, where it has been all this time and relies on fines to keep the boys in line. When have fines ever deterred anyone on Wall Street?  Breaking up the banking cartel is a major part of the reason so many support Sanders.  Though establishment Democrats have spread the myth that only Millennials support him, many Sanders supporters have actually lived long enough to remember how Glass-Steagall served as a leash and collar to regulate the banking and investment industries in a way that served the best interest of the majority in our economy.  They are also old enough to remember when government did not allow the kind of monopolies that have destroyed small business in our country. Knowing that Clinton won’t break up the banks or monopolies that have a stranglehold on our economy, and that this a central part of Bernie’s platform, why does the Democratic Party believe that Sanders supporters are just going to shrug it off?

The establishment Democrat line of thinking doesn’t take into consideration that the times have changed.  Though people used to line up to hold their nose and vote for the lesser evil, too much has changed in the past ten years and the voting public is unwilling to do that in this current climate.  The establishment does not have its finger on the pulse of this country and has not kept up with the times.  Many of the policies and values that are woven throughout the Sanders platform are overwhelmingly popular with a majority of the voting public, and Clinton has put herself on the record stating that they are unrealistic and unreasonable.  She made herself the candidate of “No, we can’t.”  The Democratic establishment thinks Sanders supporters will just forget about that?

The establishment keeps telling us that there is not much difference between Bernie’s platform and Hillary’s platform.  Sanders supporters are uber-aware of the facts and they know that is just not true.  This is viewed as an insult to their intelligence and knowledge. 

The establishment keeps saying that Bernie Sanders is not electable.  The massive numbers of people who come to his speaking events, the increased voter turnout at caucuses and primaries around the country do not support that talking point.

Finally, there is the fact that Hillary supporters have been rude, condescending, and bullying in their behavior toward Sanders supporters throughout the campaign.  Beginning with the announcement of his candidacy, any support for Sanders has been immediately been met with patronizing arrogance by Hillary’s supporters.  “But you will vote for Hillary in the general, right?”  As if Bernie never had a chance to win the nomination.  The questioning quickly grew into harassment with Hillary trolls invading Sanders Facebook pages demanding Sanders supporters pledge fealty for their candidate in November.  And then the media machine began to smear Sanders and his supporters as sexist, then racist.  Somehow, the elitism, arrogance and bullying by Hillary supporters was turned against Sanders supporters through the myth of the “BernieBro” and by lumping them in with Trump supporters.  Smears, dirty tricks and media manipulations are not the best way to win friends and/or influence enemies.  Why would the Democratic party establishment believe that Sanders supporters would be so anxious to jump on the Hillary bus with those types of people on board?

Establishment Democrats can delude themselves into believing that Bernie’s supporters will hold their noses and vote for Hillary if it comes down to it, but that doesn't mean it will happen.  It appears to be more likely that it won’t, despite their dangling of the Trump boogeyman. 

Sanders supporters have glimpsed a possible future wherein they would have the healthcare, education and economy that they need; where campaign finance reform would put control of the government back in the hands of the people where it belongs; and where global climate change would be immediately given the priority necessary to properly address the problem, among other things.  Once you’ve seen something, you can’t unsee it. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

After 15 March Primary- Hillary 1,094 vs. Bernie 774 || This is The Time To Stand Stronger With Bernie

Christine Chaplik / Dipto Islam, March 16, 2016

After15 March Primaries, total delegate count excluding superdelegates stands at Hillary Clinton 1,094 vs. Bernie Sanders 774. The race is not over yet. Rather it is just the beginning of a new phase where the race is now rolling into more Bernie friendly states.  For Bernie supporters, it is not the time to give up, but to stand with him more strongly.

There are lot of propaganda that the race is over. It is not over yet. There are more states remaining with lot more delegates. Clinton has only got 50% of the delegates required. California, New York, and Pennsylvania are Bernie Friendly states with more than 1,000 delegates. It would not be hard for Mr. Sanders to beat Mrs. Clinton by 58-to-42 percent margin of victory — in six of the eight contests over the next month. He is a strong favorite in the caucuses in Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington and Wyoming and in Utah primary.  A focus on higher turnout and right strategies will surely accelerate Sanders’ path to nomination.

Delegate Count After March 15


214 del.
March 15
2,388 to win

What is positive about 15 March for Sanders is that the race was too much competitive beyond the expectation of ‘pro-Hillary pundits’ and Hillary Camp. Bernie fans can expect tougher fight in the coming primaries. 

Sanders has faced mountain-some odds and obstacles from the very beginning of his campaign. Current setback does not mean a loss. Rest of the primaries are still waiting. This is not the time to give up but to be with him even more strongly.  

Why You Shouldn't Give Up On Bernie Sanders

“The truth is not always pleasant. It’s not always what we want to hear”, Sanders told a crowd of 7,000 people Tuesday at the Phoenix Convention Center.
"Phoenix, are you ready for a political revolution? Are you tired of a handful of billionaires running our economy?" he asked. "Well, if you are, you’ve come to the right place!"
"Next week, Arizona has a very important election," Sanders said. "We will win if the voter turnout is high. Let's make it high!"

It matters a lot to continue supporting Bernie Sanders all the way through all 50 states. Bernie Sanders groove is empowering progressives in the democratic circles. Gainesville, Florida already felt the rhythm. Lauren Poe, a progressive Democrat, got elected there recently as Mayor. The same wave gave the city another progressive Adrian Hayes-Santos as the city commissioner.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bernie’s Michigan Primary Win: Spotlight on Media Lies, Reality, and Strategy

Dipto Islam, March 9, 2016 

Michigan says it wants a revolution by voting Bernie the winner. Bernie Sanders won Michigan Democratic primary in a tight race proving all the poll predictions wrong. High voter turnout confirmed his victory. His strategy of unmasking Hillary Clinton's past support for trade policies that killed US jobs proved fruitful. 

Sanders narrowly won Michigan Democratic primary bagging 65 delegates, while Hillary got 58 delegates. He defeated Clinton by less than 2% margin (49.9% vs. 48.2%) with 99% of precincts reporting. Sanders got a total vote of 590, 386, while Clinton got 570,949. Michigan Democratic primary was a delegate jackpot of 147 delegates. It was the largest amount of delegates for the taking since Super Tuesday. After Michigan primary total delegate count stands at Clinton 760 and Sanders 546.

Michigan result followed the usual patterns: Sanders won younger ones, while Clinton did better among older voters. Clinton won black voters over Sanders 65-30. However, that's not nearly as strong as her performance among black voters in some Southern states. In Michigan primary, Sanders was able to cut into Clinton’s consistent edge with black voters. Exit polls suggested Sanders won three in 10 African Americans in Michigan, his best showing so far. In southern states, Clinton enjoyed as high as 90% black voters support. This indicates that Clinton’s black voter advantage is declining.  

“I just want to thank the people of Michigan who repudiated the polls, who repudiated the pundits,” Sanders said in an impromptu 11 PM news conference. “The people’s revolution, the political revolution we’re talking about is strong in every part of the country.” He said record breaking turnout was behind the success.

Before the primary Sanders said, “if there is a large turnout, we are going to win here in Michigan.” Voter turnout was historic high compared to any other time. Voter turnout was 1,161,335 in 2016 compared to the closest of its kind 601,219 in 2008. Turnout of other years are nowhere near. ABC

The result is indeed an upset for Clinton and her trumpeters in the media who propagate that Sanders is unelectable. The result is also a proof of manipulated poll results that showed a Clinton average lead of 21%. Fox, ARG, and Monmouth polls conducted March 3- March 7, all showed a big Clinton lead. All these polls had a margin of error of 4% to 6%. The actual result shows that their margin of error was in fact more than 21%. All Democratic national latest poll results show a Clinton average lead of 11%. Michigan result hints that how erroneous, misleading, or manipulated these poll results could be.

Despite continued media blackout and misinformation feeding against Sanders by major main stream media, a Sanders’ victory in Michigan hints that public is growing impatient with media lies and they have started to defy media control over their thought process. 

“I just want to thank the people of Michigan who repudiated the polls, who repudiated the pundits,” Sanders said in an impromptu 11 PM news conference. “The people’s revolution, the political revolution we’re talking about is strong in every part of the country.”

Sanders’ Michigan win may prove that his strategy was successful. Sanders had blasted Clinton on trade in Michigan. He had targeted Clinton's past support for trade policies like NAFTA and the Obama administration's Trans-Pacific Partnership. He pointed out to the voters that such trade pacts killed or would kill the kinds of manufacturing jobs that many Michiganders have.

 “She was very, very wrong, and millions of families around this country have been suffering as a result of those disastrous trade agreements,” he said in a gathering of Michigan workers who talked about how they lost their jobs to expanded trade. Sanders accused Clinton of siding with big business and Wall Street.  

More than half of Democratic and Republican voters in Michigan, along with Republicans in Mississippi, said trade takes away jobs, according to surveys of voters after they cast ballots. In exit polls, the majority of Michigan Democratic voters (56 percent) said they think trade takes away U.S. jobs, and Sanders was strong among those voters, with 56 percent of their vote.

Sanders’ Michigan win offers evidence that his message of fighting for blue-collar workers and opposing free-trade deals can resonate—and with big-delegate Rust Belt state Ohio coming up on the primary calendar on March 15, he will soon have the opportunity to employ that message again. Expect to see the Sanders camp amplify the trade message. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Democrats Abroad Primary: Bernie is Crushing Hillary [69% vs. 31%]

Dipto Islam, March 8, 2016 

Results of the Democrats Abroad primary so far show an overwhelming win for Bernie and a crushing Defeat for Hillary. The primary started on March 1 and closes today March 8 at 6pm. Bernie Sanders got a jaw-dropping 69% of the votes so far, while Hillary Clinton got only 31%. In 2008, Obama defeated Clinton 66%-33%. It seems that 2008 is back again. The same pattern of 2008 is repeated in 2016.

Bernie Sanders has won all 34of the 34 reported precincts across the globe by wide and big margins:

Provisional Results
March 1
Canada - Vancouver East Side
Costa Rica - Escazú
Denmark – Copenhagen
France – Grenoble
France – Marseille
Germany – Munich
Guatemala - La Antigua
Ireland – Dublin
Japan – Tokyo
Luxembourg - Luxembourg City
New Zealand – Wellington
Spain – Barcelona
Spain – Madrid
Sweden – Gothenburg
Switzerland – Geneva
Canada - Vancouver West Side
United Kingdom – Cambridge
United Kingdom – Edinburgh
United Kingdom – London
United Kingdom – Oxford
March 2
Costa Rica – Grecia
Thailand – Bangkok
March 3
Costa Rica - Pérez Zeledón
Sweden – Stockholm
Thailand – Pattaya
March 4
Costa Rica – Quepos
France – Paris
France – Toulouse
Thailand – Bangkok
March 5
Costa Rica - San José
Germany - Cologne/Bonn
Ireland – Galway
Spain – Barcelona
Sweden – Stockholm
Switzerland – Zurich
March 6
Japan – Osaka

3,301 (68.91%)

1,489 (31.09%)


Bernie Sanders got a jaw-dropping 69% of the votes so far, while Hillary Clinton got only 31%. In 2008, Obama defeated Clinton 66%-33%. It seems that 2008 is back again. The same pattern of 2008 is repeated in 2016.

The 2016 Democrats Abroad Primary counts 13 pledged delegates with full convention voting rights plus 4 Democrats Abroad superdelegate. The full result will be published 2 weeks after March 8.         

Democrats Abroad Delegate count might be small, but the result indicates that most Democrats living abroad think that the country’s direction is wrong in comparison with other countries and it should choose the direction Bernie is showing. The US expatriate have better sense of comparison between the US and rest of the other countries. Their this sense of comparison helps them to analyze whether the country’s direction is better or worse in comparison with other countries. The result might also be indicative of global opinion through the Democrats living abroad. The US expatriates have better practical understanding of the country's foreign policy direction.