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Hillary Clinton Operatives Are Trying To Distract Voters From Her Wall Street Associations

By: Johnny Hill for Politics-Uncut

Hillary Clinton National Lead Over Bernie Sanders Has Evaporated 

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The presidential race for the Democratic Party has become extremely sharp. This past week saw the tautness as Hillary Clinton operatives intensified their claims that Bernie Sanders and his supporters are sexist. [See Source] These attacks are only an attempt to distract the voters from the real issues. It has been absorbing over the last several weeks to see Hillary's surrogates Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright both who made controversial comments which seem to have caused more damage than good. 

Hillary Clinton Star Surrogates Shame, Berate, And Insult Democratic Women to Bully Support

Their comments suggested that if you are a woman you have to support Hillary Clinton. According to former Secretary of Sate Madeleine Albright, there is a "special place in hell," if you don't! 

Moreover, if you are a man and do not support Hillary Clinton, you are labeled a male chauvinist sexist. These arguments coming from the Hillary Clinton campaign and her operatives have become in a word childish.

The idea that all men are misogynist, and that's why they are supporting Bernie Sanders is reverse sexism at it's finest. Also, you can be a woman and not support Hillary Clinton and still hold onto your " I am woman hear me roar," mantra. Reminds me of a song.

There has been an influx of Hillary Clinton operatives that has manifested itself in the last several months who have been given a platform on many progressive and establishment media sites. These agents are being allowed to publish humorous propaganda laced essays. 

Often these critiques focus on the personality aspects of both Sanders and Hillary Clinton. There has been an inflating of personality on issues like equal rights, and they make these assertions about Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. She can't shout about political revolution because she is not a man.

Two key issues come into focus. First, there is a degradation of woman that support Bernie Sanders. These Hillary Clinton operatives are putting corrosive pressure on them suggesting they are committing gender betrayal for not supporting Hillary Clinton. These agents have created a narrative of you must support Hillary Clinton because she is a woman, and only a woman can truly represent your best interest. Second, these attacks on Bernie Sanders and his supporters appears to be coming from a political operation.

David Brock
David Brock is a key operative behind the Hillary Clinton campaign and has made no secret of his belief there needs to be a focus on sexism. Brock's goal is to use sexism to turn support of the millennials especially woman from Sanders to Clinton. What's interesting to note here is back last year many of the now Bernie Sanders supporters both male and female were urging Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to run. There is a reason for this reality, and it has nothing to do with sexism. Their ideals are the same. 

People who focus on the gender issue are the one's forcing it down the throats of voters who really could care less about the sex of a candidate.

Recently, the Clinton campaign has attacked Bernie Sanders for being a one issue candidate. The Sanders campaign could raise the same argument that the Clinton campaign only issue is that Hillary Clinton would be the first woman president.

If you step back with an open mind what the Clinton campaign is doing is suggesting that Democratic voters are just like Republican single issue voters. For example, the abortion issue, tax cuts, and immigration. Gender should not be an issue period.

Also, this narrative by Brock and the Clinton Campaign narrows the debate down to just the things they want to talk about and not what matters to the Democratic base which is moving left to center at an alarming rate. The narrow concept of feminism is not a motivating factor for this voting block male or female.

Single-payer health care is an issue that not only is essential for a woman but our society as a whole. Paid "Family Medical Leave" is an important matter that concerns woman. Government run first steps welfare programs are paramount to woman voters especially the single moms, elderly, and the have-nots. Woman care about fracking, and it matters to them that Hillary Clinton's state department sold fracking around the world. [See Source]

Woman voters are not stupid or shallow they understand there is something more substantive about electing a president than the issue of gender. The fact that Hillary Clinton has flip-flopped on universal health care and moreover the fact that she has accepted huge sums in campaign donations from the healthcare industry does not sit well with woman voters. It's not sexist to say that health care affects a woman more than men. Childbearing ring a bell!

What their end game goal is by propagating this propaganda it takes the focus off Hillary Clinton ties to Wall Street and the growing issues about her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs. What the Clinton campaign and her supporters seem to ignore or just don't get is that Hillary Clinton record and her acceptance of SuperPacs and her donor list matter a great deal to the growing progressive Democratic voter.

This distraction by the Hillary Clinton operatives is nothing more than a classic political marketing technique. It is a psychologically focused method with the goal of misdirection. When you ask Hillary Clinton why you changed your position on universal healthcare or same -sex marriage the response from her campaign you're a sexist.

Not only is this marketing ploy by the Clinton camp cheap it is misdirecting the facts that matter the most to those who are still deciding who they will support.

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  1. Reverse sexism is a terrible term to use. Sexism is sexism.