Sunday, May 29, 2016

Be Like Bernie: Help Build the Revolutionary Political Infrastructure

 Christine Chaplik/ Dipto Islam, May 29, 2016

The candidacy of Bernie Sanders has already won by “enlarging America’s political conversation and possibilities,” by beating back elite establishment corporate centrism and by empowering the American progressive movement to learn that they have a voice. It is high time for Bernie Sanders’ supporters that they rise up for all of America and keep rising up every now and then for the sake both present and future America. If Bernie Sanders is not the Democratic nominee for president, let’s make future ballot boxes feel the political revolution that Bernie Sanders began. One way to do that is to expand the revolutionary political network under the guidance of the visionary leadership such as that of Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has already begun to expand the revolutionary political network by helping upstart progressive congressional candidates and state legislators, lending his fundraising prowess and national fame to boost their bids in his continued efforts to revitalize the party with politically progressive candidates. Sanders's candidacy has given them a prominent national messenger. His supports to progressive congressional candidates and state legislators can help build infrastructure for progressives running at every level. 

Sanders’ campaign is about “not me, us.” His candidacy is not only about winning this November general election or defeating persons like Trump, it is also about electing candidates who will fight fearlessly to defeat everything that people like Trump represents and uphold people’s interest even when it means going against billionaire class.

"Bernie believes that the path toward bold change requires leaders to take back control of state capitols around the country and ensure fair redistricting in 2020," his campaign manager Jeff Weaver said in a statement Tuesday, 24 May 2016.

For candidates who have received Sanders’ endorsement, it's changed the trajectory of their campaign almost overnight. It helped them expand their campaign and made them able to compete against very, very big money interests. Due to Sanders's rise, issues all these progressive candidates have long been talking, issues that matter to the everyday person like a minimum wage increase and Wall Street reform will now stay in the forefront. Those issues haven’t become popular all of sudden. They have been there all these times. Now, because of Bernie, people are starting to make connection between those issues and candidates.
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"He's bringing this national attention to down-ballot races and the importance of state legislative races. He's saying that it isn't just about the presidency," Taylor said.

It is high time for Bernie Sanders’ supporters that they help build the revolutionary political infrastructure by supporting upstart progressive congressional candidates and state legislators.

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