Friday, February 12, 2016

Bernie Thwarting History, Or Making It?

Christine Chaplik, Feb 12, 2016

A moderator at the sixth Democratic debate asked Bernie Sanders how he felt about "thwarting history" by preventing the first woman from becoming president.

"Senator," said PBS Gwen Ifill, "do you worry at all that you will be the instrument of thwarting history, as Senator Clinton keeps claiming, that she may be the first woman president?"

Bernie responded boldly, as he always does, to such idiotic questions that he believes his candidacy is itself pretty historic.
"Well, you know," Bernie said. "I think from an historical point of view, somebody with my background, somebody with my views, somebody who has spent his entire life taking on the big money interests – I think a Sanders victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well."

Sanders, of course, wouldn't exactly be thwarting history, he too would be making it.

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