Friday, February 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sweeps Online Polls After Sixth Democratic Debate

Dipto Islam, Feb 11, 2016

While asked “Who won the sixth Democratic debate?”, an overwhelming majority of people who voted online named Bernie Sanders as the top-performer.

81% must have been Bernie Sanders’ lucky number in the polls.

81% of the 45,000+ people who voted in Time's poll, thought Bernie Sanders won. 

81% of respondents who took part in Slate's poll declared Bernie as the winner.


81% of the respondents who took part in's poll also named Bernie as the winner.


Bernie Sanders even got luckier.

Bernie was declared winner by 88% of voters who took part in's poll.


90% of the voters in Syracuse's poll nominated him as the winner!!


Even an astounding 93% of Fox's conservative viewers thought Bernie Sanders was the winner in the sixth Democratic debate.


On average, 86% of the respondents who took part in the online polls declared Bernie Sanders as the winner of the Sixth Democratic Debate. The results of these polls are not statistically representative of all eligible primary voters. They were documented on Friday, February 12 at 2:00 a.m. EST.

Watch the Six Democratic Debate: 

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  1. Where are Clinton's online supporters? They have equal opportunity to vote as Bernies but mysteriously they never do - in fact what Bernie fans see is mostly gaslight articles produced by the google peeps she bought in December trying to upset Bernie threads. Further, where are the big rallies for her? I've tried to locate any recent rally numbers and they are usually a few hundred people. Bernie is in Denver tonight with more than 18,000 people. Where are these mysterious H fans? What's going on here? #feelthebern