Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Iowa Dem Reported Results for 90 Precincts across Iowa Missing

The Iowa Democratic Party informed the campaigns of Sen. Bernard Sanders and Hillary Clinton late Monday night that results for 90 precincts across the state went missing, which could account for as much as 5 percent of the total vote, and asked the campaigns for help in getting a tally for those missing results. Sanders’ campaign director, Jeff Weaver, told reporters that he hoped there would be an investigation into what happened. Also, a video posted by C-SPAN raised concern about voter fraud late Monday night which showed a Polk County caucus chair and a Clinton precinct captain did not carry out an actual count of the caucusgoers.

C-SPAN video shows Clinton voter fraud in Polk County, Iowa Caucus
Caucus chair and Clinton precinct captain do not conduct actual count of Clinton supporters and deliberately mislead caucus 

Via Roll Call:

“We are, right now, calling all our precinct captains on precincts where we have knowledge of what’s missing, to report what we think happened there,” a visibly irate Robert Becker, Sanders’ state director told Roll Call after Sanders’ speech at the Holiday Inn near the Des Moines airport.

“They’ve asked the other campaigns to do the same thing. At the end of the day, there’s probably going to be squabbles on it,” he added.

“We are currently getting results from our small number of outstanding precincts, and results continue to be reported on our public website,” an Iowa Democratic Party official told Roll Call. “The reports of precincts without chairs are inaccurate. These outstanding precincts have chairs who we are in the process of contacting to get their results.  It is inaccurate to report that these precincts did not have chairs.” 

“We have reached out to the campaigns for help in contacting the chairs for our outstanding precincts. We are not taking results from the campaigns. We are taking them from the chairs who are in these precincts,” the official added.

Clinton and Sanders were locked in a virtual tie at the conclusion of Monday’s caucuses, with both at 49 percent and Clinton clinging to a razor-thin lead.

“The party has a responsibility to staff 1,681 individual precincts. And what we’re seeing right now is that they had no-shows. People not showing up with the materials, not showing up with the app to report it. And when they’re telling us an hour ago that they have basically lost 90 precincts, it’s an outrage,” Becker said. “It’s insulting to the people who worked their asses off across this state that they can’t come up with people to cover these things.”

Attempts to reach the Clinton campaign early Tuesday were unsuccessful.

“I’m assuming they’re in the same boat. And they should be just as outraged as we are,” Becker fumed.


  1. Iowa should be a wash. The state should boldly state biblically that neither campaign has won until the matter is resolved. Anything less demeans the vote of every person who took time out of their lives to caucus.

  2. it also demeans the entire archaic and outdated caucus process. Unless/until they fix this then there should be no more old school caucus'.

  3. Hillary and Bill cannot be trusted!! Her pal Debbie Wasserman Shultz is enabling her. They will sell their souls to Satan to win the nomination. (Hillary's favorite line is "What difference does it make??"

  4. There is always a level of mistrust as well as disorganization. Every election someone calls voter fraud. There has probably never been an election where someone didn't complain about the outcome. The system is designed to divide society. Read Howard Zinn's book "A Peoples History of the United States". As long as our society is divided, true change will never occure.