Monday, February 1, 2016

Sanders Says He’ll Win Iowa If Turnout Is High

On 27 January, Bernie Sanders attended an event with the United Steelworkers in Iowa where he predicted that he would win the Iowa caucuses “if voter turnout is high.” Sanders has made the same prediction today in the morning of the Iowa caucuses at his campaign’s headquarters in Des Moines saying, “We will win tonight if the turnout is high. We will struggle tonight if the turnout is low. That’s a fact.” 

Sanders gave a five-minute speech to volunteers where he made the case that the U.S. economy and political system is severely biased in favor of wealthy families and powerful corporations and called for a “political revolution” that would end gross income inequality. “We have made a lot of progress in the last eight months,” he said. His journey from “fringe candidate” to serious contender for the Democratic presidential nomination has been successful due to “the energy, the enthusiasm is with our campaign.” He recalled that in May he was running 40-to-50 points behind Mrs. Clinton in the polls. However, the scenario has changed today as people have mandated his rise which was considered as highly improbable by skeptics. He hoped that he along with people and supporters would continue to make progress.

Likely Democratic Caucus participants 18 to 44 years old back Sanders over Clinton 78 - 21 percent as per Quinnipiac University poll of Iowans released on Wednesday 27 January. Therefore, the key for Sanders is motivating the first-time caucus-goers he’s been able to bring to his Iowa events to come out in large numbers. With a strong ground game, offices all over the state, and more than 10,000 volunteers, Bernie Sanders can expect to have his support out in force.


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