Friday, February 5, 2016

Second Case of Election Fraud Caught on Camera in Iowa at Ames District 1-3

Voters supporting Bernie Sanders are claiming another case of election fraud occurred in Iowa at Ames District 1-3. In the latest accusation voters from Ames District 1-3 are claiming "the organizer there was attempting to lie to voters and stall in a manner that clearly benefited Hillary Clinton". The accusations are very serious especially since the race between Clinton and Sanders is extremely close. The entire incident was captured on camera. the full video is included below. 

Reddit user DBZ5episodesyelling explains:
The hall was full to the point where fire regulations were in question. So he announces that we are going to caucus outside. an hour goes by and we're still sitting.
At this point he announces that everyone who is sure of their vote is going to file out the door and tell it to an organizer and then go home. Both the Bernie and clinton organizers claim this is incorrect. 45 minutes go by.
At this point many people, most first time caucus goers, were leaving. The man still refused to start counting votes. He claimed everyone could film him if they wished.
I think you all can guess what happens next. People start filming him. Not only does he refuse to go on record, not only does he refuse to state his name, but he attempted to get the (multiple) people filming kicked out because they were "independents".
Finally a pregnant caucus-goer takes control of the entire situation. The result: 16.1% clinton 84% sanders. If the caucus had been at the correct time, I'm confident it would have been a no-contest sanders victory.
Is there anyone else caucusing in Iowa? Did you experience something similar?

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  1. This makes me want to grab that guy by his teeny tiny stupid looking grey ponytail and bitch slap him silly. WTF is wrong with him?