Monday, February 29, 2016

Media Blackout as Thousands March for Bernie in 70 Cities

Dipto Islam, Feb 29, 2016

Ahead of Super Tuesday thousands of Bernie supporters marched in at least 45 cities and in as many as 70 cities across the USA, but the corporate media turned a blind eye to the event. The media preferred covering the latest terrible thing Donald Trump has blurted rather than a nationwide organized march of thousands of Americans against corruption and inequality. 

Bernie’swords on such black out delivered back in December 2015 still hold true, "It’s no shock to me that big networks, which are controlled by a handful of large corporations, have barely discussed our campaign and the important issues we are bringing up …….. They’re just too busy covering [Republican presidential candidate] Donald Trump."

The media definitely overlooked the marches because covering them would have increased Bernie’s support among voters ahead of Super Tuesday and more importantly would have decreased Hillary’s support.  After all, Hillary and the corporate media kingpins are brothers in arms in corruption.  

The marchers filled sidewalks and streets chanting slogans of real change, hope, peace, equality, justice, and prosperity.  It was more than a Bernie phenomenon or a Presidential campaign. Rather it was a passionate political movement that demands revolution. Despite everything they’ve battled so far, the Sanders campaign is thriving. The Twitter hashtag #MarchForBernie became instantly trending. 

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