Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bernie’s Win in CO and MN is Indicative of the Future of the Race || Real Super Tuesday is Coming!!

Christine Chaplik, Mar 3, 2016

Bernie Sanders won Colorado and Minnesota. Those two states are so important because of what they mean for the future. Hillary lost Colorado and Minnesota by big margin. Because of his win in CO and MN, Bernie has a $40 million war chest and favorable map in front of him.

Hillary Clinton won all of the states she was supposed to win. She also got a narrow victory in Massachusetts compared with her win the state by 15 points against Obama in 2008 and still lost the primary in 2008. But Bernie Sanders had resounding wins in Colorado and Minnesota. Those two states are much more indicative of the states that are coming in the rest of the primary schedule.

All of these Southern states were Hillary Clinton's best states, her “firewall states”. Now that she’s used up most of her ammo, the real race begins. She won’t have the advantage of the so called ‘firewall states’ anymore. She's gaining no new voters. Everyone already knows Clinton. Time is on Bernie's side. The more he runs, the more people find out about him and he makes gains in the real Super Tuesday (FL, OH, IL, NC and MO). Feel the Bern! 

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