Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Vote To Clinton Is A Vote To A Republican Candidate

Christine Chaplik / Dipto Islam, Feb 25, 2016  

According to all the available data, Bernie Sanders is the most electable candidate. Almost all polls show Sanders beating Trump or any other Republican candidate in hypothetical match ups, while Clinton losing to them.

Recent Quinnipiac poll, released on Feb 18, shows Sanders beating all the Republican candidates by margins of 4 to 10 percentage points. The closest Republican contender is Ohio Gov. John Kasich  who trails Sanders 45 - 41 percent. In contrast, Hillary Clinton trails or ties with Republican candidates in the November face-off. She loses to Rubio by 7 point (average Rubio +4.7) and to Cruz by 3 point (average Cruz +1). USA Today/Suffolk Poll shows Clinton loses to Kasich by 11 point (average Kasich +7.4). The same types of results are shown by most of the other polls. In contrast, Sanders is leading all the republican candidates on average. However, some polls show Clinton beating Trump by a thin margin, something that Sanders does by a wide margin.

The results of the polls indicate that if general election takes place now, Clinton loses to the Republican candidates, while Sanders wins. This means Clinton is sure to lose to the Republicans in the general election even if she wins the Democratic nomination. Therefore, voting Clinton in the Democratic primaries literally means voting Republicans in the general election.

Moreover, voting Clinton means voting someone who evolves as per suitability and requirement, who lacks ethical consistency, who has deep, inseverable connections to Wall Street, who delivered the worst foreign policy blunder in US history, and who tampered with top secret confidential government documents. Furthermore, Why nominate a candidate who can barely beat the Republican candidates when Democrats can nominate one with much better odds? 

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