Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snapchat Poll: Bernie Sanders Is the Most Respected Candidate among Young Voters

Dipto Islam, Feb 23, 2016

Snapchat poll conducted an extensive survey of young voters (aged between 18-26) in America. The poll found that 87% of young people are likely to vote in the upcoming Presidential election, and 31% named Bernie Sanders as the candidate that they respect the most.

When asked “Out of today's major political figures, which do you like and respect the most?”, 31% of the respondents named Sanders as the candidate that they respect the most. Sanders scored higher than sitting president Barack Obama (18%). His numbers are almost triple that of Hillary’s (11%) and are higher than every Republican candidate’s scores combined (Trump 9%, Cruz 5%, and Rubio 3%).   

The respondents listed “Corruption,” “Greed,” and “Inequality” as the top problems facing America today. They were asked “If you could describe America’s problems in one word, which word would you choose?”. Thirty eight percent of the respondents identified “corruption” as the no. 1 public enemy followed by “greed” (29%), and “inequality” (26%).     

Furthermore, 66% think that corporate America ’embodies everything that is wrong with America. Fifty eight percent of them listed “socialism” as the most compassionate economic system over capitalism’s 33%. When asked what profession they respected most, only 2% of respondents chose “bankers,” tellingly. Sixty one percent of young people believe America’s “best days are still ahead of us,” compared to just 39% who say our “best days are behind us.” 

Watch: CBS This Morning- Young Voters Optimistic, Snapchat Survey Reveals

The poll was conducted February 11-14 among 1,000 young Americans aged 18 to 26.  

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