Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Clinton Bagged Same Number of New Hampshire Delegates as Sanders even after Defeat

Dipto Islam, Feb 10, 2016

Clinton got just as many delegates as Bernie Sanders from New Hampshire even after crushing defeat in Tuesday’s presidential primary. Clinton won 9 delegates in the NH primary but entered the race with the support of 6 super-delegates. Therefore, she got a total of 15 delegates including 6 superdelgates. While, Sanders had won 15 delegates including 2 superdelegates on Tuesday’s NH primary.

Superdelegates are partly officials who have the freedom to support any candidate they choose. Superdelegates also have the freedom to switch side at a later time. So, some of those delegates who are now supporting Clinton could switch to Sanders before the Democratic National Convention in late July.

From the start the 2016 nomination race, the Clinton campaign has been putting aggressive efforts to secure about 360 superdelegates across the country which are surely to be intensified after her NH defeat. While Sanders has gathered a total of 8 superdelegates.

Watch: 2016 Democratic Party Delegates

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