Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Lil’ Bernie" Sells Way Faster Than Its Creator Can Make Them

Dipto Islam, Feb 11, 2016

Months ago Bernie fan Massachusetts native Emily Engel posted pictures of her creation hand sewn adorable “Lil’ Bernie” doll with flyaway white hair and black button eyes, as a lark onto her Facebook and Instagram accounts. Instantly the doll became almost as popular as the real Bernie!! Orders started to rush in, in such a volume that she couldn’t handle, Engel told Boston Globe. Now she can’t make her creations fast enough to satisfy demand. The demand is expected to soar even further after Bernie’s big margin win in New Hampshire primary.

Alex Milan Tracy Sipa- USA/AP

Engel told Globe, “Bernie Sanders is magical” and “[Lil’ Bernie] is a connection piece between people who support Sanders.”

Engel, who owns a tailoring and alterations business in Ludlow, Mass., now sells the dolls on Each Lil’ Bernie costs $50 a pop plus $7 shipping, but that doesn’t seem to deter fans. Engel so far has donated $2,700 of the proceeds from selling Lil’ Bernie to Sanders’ campaign.

Engel told Globe that she has plans for mass-producing Lil’ Bernie, but is confused how to do so while keeping manufacturing in the United States. For now she is hand sewing Lil’ Bernie herself averaging between 10 and 15 a week, which is no way could produce enough to satisfy soaring demand. Meanwhile, each Lil’ Bernie lover has to wait in a long queue till their turn comes for placing the orders. For now, says that the stock is out. But you can sign up to be notified via email when orders will start being accepted again.

Watch how little girl Oliver reads out to "Lil Bernie"  

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